”My aim is to reduce my ideas to their most basic form. As a way to suggest a ‘sense of something’ in a work, I simplify objects, make fewer marks and use fewer colours.

This quiets the ‘noise’ of an image and leaves behind just the essence of the subject. Without an instantly recognisable object of focus, the human brain disengages from analysis and subjectively fills in the gaps, allowing the possibility of an emotional experience of the work.

The non-verbal nature of abstraction and the process of producing it, provides me with a perfect antidote to the overload of information of contemporary living. I work mainly in oils, sometimes acrylics or inks and have also ventured into photography and digital art, as well as sculptural art.

The philosophy of Humanism, the belief in the agency and power of human beings,rather than superstition, supernatural beliefs or dogma, is the foundation of my work. Whatever the subject of a piece may be, it almost always returns to the idea that our humanity and our connection to nature is our truest and most useful identity.”

“As an artist I’m able to connect to my deepest self, the good and the bad. I feel like making art keeps me moving forward - this is a real privilege and I really value it. My earlier careers in fashion and design provided me with valuable experiences and a knowledge of the business of art. I’ve a keen interest in art history, visual literacy, writing, poetry, research, philosophy and the workings of the human mind. These interests provide great alternatives to the solitude of studio life. I live and work in Kommetjie, Cape town.”

Connected -sueconradie -180cm x18 cm.jpg
Into the Deep 2 -sue conradie -30cm x40cm.jpg
INSCAPE_sue conradie_120x120x6cm.JPG
the wave -sue conradie 130cm x130cm- oils.jpg
Reform-sueconradie-40cm x40cm.jpg