Outliers Unplugged

 Artists challenge limits of expression and abstraction.

‘Outliers Unplugged’
Exhibition featuring works by John Bauer, Annamieke Engelbrecht, Lars Fischedick & Ade Kipades.
Gallery One11, 111 Loop Street, Cape Town: February 4 July – 1 August.

Outliers; def. :Often seen as non-conformist outliers are persons, phenomena or things situated away or detached from the mainstream or system, differing from all other members of a particular group or set.

Often the unconventional serves as a conduit to shift perspectives and possibly create capacity for new insights. The Outliers unplugged: John Bauer, Annamieke Engelbrecht, Ade Kipades & Lars Fischedick is a collective that will challenge the viewer to consider perceiving beyond the norm. The expressive abstraction of space, light and our physical world interpreted by the artists in their unique visual languages will indeed take their audience on a journey that will enrich their visual palette, tantalise their curiosity of what lies beyond the evident and unplugged their reservations.