Noncedo Gxekwa is a Freelance Photographer, with a strong interest or curiosity in people.

“Same Same’ appealed to me because it challenged the idea of knowing. Knowing anything about the person in front of you makes it easy to have a point of reference. When you don’t know you are forced to look within yourself. For me I looked at the parts I connected with. First and foremost, the human being, just acknowledging their presence with sharing a smile. Then it went to the familiar, the hair. I knew when I saw Celeste that I wanted to show her eyes. We tied the hair up and tried different styles, it was a mission. I remember having all these thoughts in my head  about every conversation most women of colour have about hair. I found myself asking Celeste if she was ok? She smiled and said “anything goes”.

What struck me is that as much as I did not know anything about Celeste, I cared that she was taken care of and felt good and not just a body. She also cared that I got the result I  wanted almost she wanted this to be successful for me. In our not knowing each other in that moment we had one goal, winning.

I kept the portrait very simple. I got the sense that Celeste is very simple but has a very strong personality. I think she is an artist /writer/researcher? She does work that challenges people.