Annamieke Engelbrecht

Artist reasoning

144p series

Growing up with the internet we have become so accustomed to the immediate pleasure spike provided by technology. The constant streams of data and unlimited access to information is rewiring our brains to crave instant satisfaction. Physically getting agitated when the computer monitor freezes and yelling at it due to a slow internet connection is a common occurrence.

Instant gratification, the need to experience fulfilment without delay, is universally chased on a daily basis. Consuming that which is instant has become fundamental – instant information, instant communication and above all instant indulgence. The internet has created a culture that seeks convenience, viewing it as a necessity rather than a luxury. It becomes a driver of efficiency and uses technology as the vehicle that will get them there.

With modern devices, we have access to anything we could possibly want on the internet, and we are discouraged to be patient in obtaining it. Our fast clicks and quick downloads make it possible for us to be satiated in the blink of an eye. Attention span drops tremendously when multitasking across five screens at any stage of the day and produces impatient consumers. Where previous generations had to wait 10 minutes for their PC to boot, we do not like to wait even 5 seconds for a page to load. Internet users have become notoriously impatient, and even miniscule differences in buffer times can have a massive impact on a video’s watch time. Consequently, users close the YouTube video they wanted to watch as it took too long to load. When you have, essentially, the world at your fingertips, it is extremely challenging to consciously choose delayed gratification over instant.

My oil paintings, in their entire essence, stands in complete contrast to the instant digital world that is the internet. Using pixelated images of YouTube videos on its lowest quality as inspiration, I create these layered and time consuming paintings as a challenge to my own impatient, satisfaction-seeking nature.

All artworks:

Oil on board

30 x 30 cm