A Journey onwards from early minimal, conceptual and middle phase of deep, symbolic explorations, as SA moved through apartheid to freedom.

These emotive 'scapes' delve deeper than the visual surface of land and seascape. 
By moving to False Bay - a more natural setting than the concrete Atlantic side of CT - I became more aware of the rhythms of changing climate as the flow of social and personal change evolved.
Landscape becomes the basis/catalyst for such reflections.

A few included are figurative.  A subject used over previous decades exploring women's abuse and empowerment. 'Standing Stones' symbolises the goddess, revered since anciemt times. Pathos and Seguira explore aspects of the emotive side of Flamenco which I have studied for the last decade after prior decades of contemporary dance.
Flamenco dance originated from Spanish gypsy life and their oppression.. A dance form that evolved through other music and dance influences from Moorish conquests, Jewish folk music and brought also to southern Spain by north African slaves. It enabled women to express their daily frustrations and reflect their search for equality and empowerment. (A reality the female has faced in all aspects of all societies for centuries).  
Technique/concept : mainly large oil abstracts where subject is anchor only and secondary to the power of paintmark -line, spatial shifts and glazes, create depths, perspectives, movement and mood. Each mark has a defined purpose to the whole. The subject emerges.
I have exhibiited extensively over four decades in SA and overseas. Including a retrospective at the Sasol Museum in Stellenbosch.