Winter Salon FB final.png

The Winter Salon is an exhibition showcasing artists we have exhibited over the past four months. This collection includes a variety of work in mediums ranging from wood cuts, ceramics to oil paintings by artists Andrew Gibson, Sue Conradie, Ulric Conradie, Annamieke Engelbrecht, Laurel Holmes, Lars Fischedick, John Bauer and Juhléne Möller. On display we also have Minima lights and tables, designed by Jacques Cronje.

Andrew Gibson


Oil on canvas

127 x 101,5 cm

Sue Conradie

See Into Me

Oil on canvas

120 x 90cm

John Bauer

Ceramic Tile Panel

61 x 41 cm

Laurel Holmes

Bloom II

Oil on canvas

30 x 30 cm

Ulric Conradie


Mild steel and stone

Lars Fischedick


Axe on wood and resin

123 x 161 cm