Luke is a self taught portrait photographer. His love for this art form started a few years ago with a cheap manual 35mm film camera. Exploring this, he learnt the importance of light in photography and continues to develop his aesthetic through exploration and understanding of light within his work by using black and white film.

He focuses on telling stories through the eyes of his subjects. His use of minimal props and a shallow depth of field is aimed at  avoiding distraction from the subjects face. Soft colour palettes are used throughout his work. 

Luke draws inspiration from Platon Antoniou for eyes and George Muncy and Rosie Matheson for their use of gentle colours.


On the 'same same' concept.

This is a topic/ concept that is not touched enough in society, we live in a country still has some forms of racial division within it and it’s not a topic people choose to discuss often in fear of putting the wrong message out there. I feel this concept gives us a different medium to show that we are all just human beings in a great big universe and that each individual is beautiful in their own way. We are all “ SAME SAME” .

The idea of meeting someone that you know absolutely nothing about and then having to perceive who they are through a portrait of them is abit of a daunting task. You really want to do this person justice on what they are about, but you also get a sense of creativity because you’re making up a whole story on who this person is. When I met the subject (Celeste) I got an immediate sense that she was a down to earth person who felt best in a natural environment, her crystal gave me an idea that she is spiritual too. We drove up onto signal hill on a stunning Sunday evening where I placed her in a natural wide open environment to show what I felt  she is all about. Really excited to see how each persons came out.