Malcolm Dare ( South Africa )

Malcolm Dare is a Commercial and Fine Art photographer from Lesotho based in Cape Town. 

Laden with spiritual and metaphysical meaning,  Malcom's  current 'Lucid Depictions' particularly of the female subject and the human form are prescribed with layered meaning as he parallels the inanimate object as one that has an immediate and crucial impact to the position of the subjects he is representing. By doing so, the Artist ultimately reflects a deep rooted desire to question and challenge prescribed notions of  patriarchy and power in society, particularly reflecting those from gender relations and the African continent and his personal interactions with varied communities in Lesotho. The results are captivating compositions which ultimately challenge the audience in a highly delicate, asethic and subtle manner.  

Dare, a fairly new new artist to Gallery One11's curation shall be participating in the curation schedule from January 2018.  His creative practice has extended from an early career in sculpture and ceramics from since his upbringing in Lesotho.