Chloe Obermeyer is a fine artist primarily interested in playing with and representing the natural world. Her chosen medium is cyanotype prints of objects found in nature.

Obermeyer graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) in 2014, and is currently busy completing her masters at UNISA. She has exhibited at AVA, Youngblood, State of the Art in Cape Town well as RK Contemporary in Riebeek Kasteel. She has also exhibited at Studio Bong and Casa Petrarca in Florence, Italy. Her work, centred around the ocean, has formed a part of the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity installation at the Grahamstown Art Festival. Obermeyer has been for two years running a finalist in the Tollman Finlayson Art Award, and was a finalist in 2018 for the State of the Art Gallery Award.

Beached studies.jpg
A Forrest Below.jpg
Found Above, From Below 2.jpg
Found Above, from Below 4.jpg
Found Above, from Below 5.jpg