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Meditative Moments

  • Gallery One11 111 Loop Street Cape TRown South Africa (map)

The Narrative for the show using creativity and the process of art making as a form of meditation and ritual to nurture and express the spirit

Meditative art is a spiritual practice. While ordinary art is basically interested in the end product, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, this type of art is focused on the inner state of the artist.

The process of creating is given importance and the creator acts as both an artist and a witness, attentively observing the process as it takes place.

Why do I create?

What is it for?

These are important questions that any artist who creates has to ask themselves. For those who practice meditative art, these questions are a starting point in the search for meaning. Inquiring “where does a creation come from?” and “who is creating” lead to a meditative state from which real art can be realized.

Letting go of old expectations is an essential part in the preparation needed to create from a meditative state of mind. Only when we are free to create or to let creation flow through us can we actually be truthful in our art. In this sense, meditative art can be seen as part of a spiritual path, but also as the end result.

This type of artistic practice therefore brings one to the present moment. It makes the creator aware and attentive, peaceful and quiet, connecting them to their higher self or a higher power.

We can learn to connect and surrender to it as a vital source of creativity. We can learn to do so with intention, practice, and guidance. This core essence, truth, pure love, and divine beauty is real and eternal.

Later Event: December 12
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