'The Ascension' by Louis De Villiers & Felix Laband
to Apr 7

'The Ascension' by Louis De Villiers & Felix Laband

Kalashnikovv Gallery & Gallery One11 are proud to present:

"The Ascension" A dual exhibition featuring Louis de Villiers AKA Skullboy and Felix Laband.

The next installment in our gallery collaboration series takes us to Loop Street in Cape Town for a highly anticipated journey into the minds of two of the most exciting contemporary artists of today. 

Louis de Villiers (skullboy) 

A South African artist and instigator, previously working under the moniker of ‘skullboy’ between 2006 and 2017, Louis de Villiers currently lives and makes works out of New York city.


– Baang+Burne Rebrand Auction, New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 2014
– ABSA Klein Karoo Kunstefees, Karoo, SOUTH AFRICA
– I take it all back Group Show, Johannesburg
– Durbanism Group show, 8 morrison Street, Durban SOUTH AFRICA
– Looking Forward, Durban Art Gallery, Durban, 2015
– Urban A Group Show, Space Between, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
– Can’t Fool Me Group Show, Curated by Curated By Collective, Berlin GERMANY
– Yung Metamoderni$m solo exhibition, Space Between, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
– Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth, Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA
– Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth, FNB Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA

- The Scramble for Africa, Kalashnikovv Galerie, Berlin GERMANY,  2017
- The Preoccupied lives of Islands, Solo exhibition Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Felix Laband

Felix Laband is an electronic musician and visual artist born in 1977 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Well known for creating light, emotional and minimalist soundscapes, Felix has also crafted an instantly recognizable visual language in tandem with his music. Using the medium of collage to design original artworks for many of his albums, Ep's and singular releases over the last decade. 

Felix's visual art making practice resembles an ongoing critique of popular culture as seen from within the entertainment industry. Using well know South African publications on potentially banal themes such as wildlife and various histories of colonialism, each collage represents the culture clash of native African culture and "white South Africa" as seen by someone living through the end of Apartheid and the beginning of a democratic state. 


- "The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts" Group Exhibition Kalashnikovv, Johannesburg. 2017
- FNB Johannesburg Artfair, Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth, 2018
- Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth

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A walkabout with Restone Maambo
11:00 AM11:00

A walkabout with Restone Maambo

Gallery One11 and contemporary painter Restone Maambo invite you to an intimate walk about this Saturday morning from 11 am at 111 Loop Street.

The walkabout will run in conjunction with the Cape Town Investec Art Fair and the conclusion of Restone's solo exhibition 'Kusololwa Amumuni:To Be Led By Light' which closes Saturday 24 February . The artworks will be travelling to The Melrose Arch in Johannesburg shortly after.

Feel free to join us for breakfast snacks and mimosa's from 11 - 12.30 this Saturday. The public are welcome to meet and greet and ask questions regarding Maambo's studio practice.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1951039121827895/
Exhibition Texts: https://www.galleryone11.com/current-kusololwa-amumuni-to-…/
Catalogue: https://www.galleryone11.com/kusololwa-amumuni-to-be-led-b…/

For more information kindly contact us at admin@galleryone11.com. Admission is free of charge and open to all.

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Optimystic: a solo exhibition by Brandon Boyd
2:00 PM14:00

Optimystic: a solo exhibition by Brandon Boyd

OPTI-MYSTIC: A Pop Up Gallery by Incubus Frontman Brandon Boyd

Timed to coincide with the upcoming Incubus concerts in several cities throughout South Africa, Incubus front man & established visual artist Brandon Boyd will exhibit fine art, large scale prints, books, lithographs and a curated retail shop at his week-long ‘Opti-Mystic’ Pop Up Gallery in Cape Town.

Gallery One 11
111 Loop Street
Cape Town 8001 / +27762130442

Monday, February 26 – Saturday, March 3
Artist Reception w/ Artist in Attendance: February 26, 6pm
(Open To The Public- admission is free of charge)

Gallery viewings through March 3, 12-4 pm daily (Open To Public)

Visual Art Manager / Jen DiSisto / Art Duet / jendisisto@gmail.com
Gallery contact / Megan Theunissen / admin@galleryone11.com

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/366737617126070/

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to Feb 24

'Kusololwa Amumuni' a solo exhibition by Restone Maambo


'Kusololwa Amumuni : To Be Led By Light' is an intimate body of work by Restone Maambo, an experimental painter from Zambia exploring his ancestry and experiences with regards to traditional healing. The artist plays homage to the process of awakening, known as ‘ Kusololwa Amumuni ', a difficult but integral transition for those called to practice. 

The exhibition concludes Saturday 24 February 2018. 

Viewing Hours: 

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 16:00
Staurdays 10:00 - 13:00

Contact us: 


+27762130442 (Megan) or +27724089476 (Marita)

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Summer Group Exhibition
to Jan 20

Summer Group Exhibition

Join us for  the opening  of the  second installment of scheduled group exhibitions.

Participating Artists Include:  

Gideon Appah ( Ghana / South Africa)
Greta McMahon ( South Africa)
Kilmany- Jo Liversage ( South Africa)
Leila Fanner ( United States / South Africa)
Lisa Rigby ( United Kingdom / South Africa)
Restone Maambo ( Zambia / South Africa)
Su Opperman ( South Africa)

Opening First Thursdays 7 December 2017
17:30 pm - 21:00 pm
The exhibition concludes 21 January 2018

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 16:00 pm daily
Saturdays 10:00 am - 13:00 pm or by appointment only. 

+27762130442 ( Megan ) / +27724089476 ( Marita )  
+27662069493 ( Gallery )
A: 111 Loop Street, Cape Town 8001.

E: admin@galleryone11.com 


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'The Gift of Water' a solo exhibition by Say.Say
to Dec 4

'The Gift of Water' a solo exhibition by Say.Say

SaySay.Love's journey of photography and visual reflection has culminated in the moving body of work entitled ‘THE GIFT OF WATER’. 

SaySay.Love's oeuvre ranges from commentary on the natural world to the surreal and fantastical. His compositions are vivid, pure and defined by our collective memories. SaySay draws his subjects from nature and the urban environment. 

Where: One11 Gallery, Loop Street, Cape Town
Date: 24th November – 4th December
Time: Mon – Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 1pm

SaySay.Love is inspired by the resolve and resilience of the people in Cape Town, and South Africa. For this reason, he has decided to donate all the profits from his exhibitions to support and inspire solutions for challenged communities and above all education for the youth. The first organisation that SaySay has chosen to support is Lalela (lalela.org

SaySay has challenged his audience to donate generously to the causes he is supporting in an effort to educate the public at large around water scarcity, and to mobilise solutions around water preservation and management.


The exhibition is curated by Camilla Bernal in association with Art Africa & Vivid Luxury, for more information please contact: 


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