Outliers Unplugged Interactive art demonstrations
10:00 AM10:00

Outliers Unplugged Interactive art demonstrations

Join the Outliers this Saturday 13 July, at 111 Loop st. from 10h00 for a interactive drawing class by Ade Kipades & Annamieke Engelbrecht and how John Bauer makes exploding clay pots! RSVP and you can win a place in the pottery workshop he will host next week!
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Miss H Collective presents Blurring Lines: launch event
7:00 PM19:00

Miss H Collective presents Blurring Lines: launch event

Miss H Collective moves into Gallery One11 from 20/04-5/04 to bring you a group exhibition titled Blurring Lines.

Join us in support of our 11 talented/ local artists @ 7pm for the official launch of Miss H Collective and of our Blurring Lines exhibition and event series.

7:30 interactive play room will be opened (!!)
Entertainment by Jeul Geoum.

Meghan Daniels
Gale Maimane
Lee-Ann Olwage
Alex Paterimos
Jesse Vos
Phumzile Konile
Urika Boss
Kyle Strydom
Silas Miami
Aaishah Abrahams
Kim Windvogel

Blurring lines: the idea of changing mediums being the work of art in itself.

It portrays and highlights that self truth is multifaceted and identifies the environment as the canvas to which change is accepted, denied and gradually allowed for the freedom of self truth and the capacity for improved self worth.

We highlight the bravery in challenging norms.

Miss H Collective is a travelling collective that aims to support and promote emerging artists in different cities around the World through exhibitions, travelling art in public spaces and online print sales through our website.

Follow us through our social media channels for invites/updates and artist exclusives.


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Say.Say Love present Skin Deep
to Mar 9

Say.Say Love present Skin Deep

Artists challenge perceptions of beauty.

‘Skin Deep’

Exhibition featuring works by Say Say.Love & Aniek Nieuwenhuis.

Gallery One11, 111 Loop Street, Cape Town: February 12th – March 9th.

The Launch event will be held on Wednesday, 13 February from 18:00 at 111 Loop Street.

“Looking at these pictures for a moment, they take me on a journey into the deepest darkest parts of my psyche. The place where all the pain, anguish and dark thoughts, has at some point resided, the childhood bullies, the manipulators, the abusers, the people who willfully harmed for their own gain, my own dark desires, which at times are more fearful than living perpetrators. My voice roars, standing tall, upright and strong...As my roar ends, my eyes find the woman, light, pure, full of love and I’m reminded as always, that no matter how far I travel down into the madness, that there is always a chink in the darkness where life shines in; and I know with every fiber of my being, that love always wins, me a human filled with unfathomable love.. Equilibrium is restored” – SaySay.Love

The visionary German artist and social activist SaySay.Love once again poses the question, “What is beautiful?” in his upcoming exhibition entitled ‘Skin Deep’ The project is an exploration of the uncanny valley separating the visceral experience and the unbridled expression of our innermost fears and desires.

‘Skin Deep’ is a departure from his previous body of work titled Intimate Loneliness: Sex with things as the artist is exploring the darker side to identity. In that body of work, he uses photographs of mannequins as symbolism of the world we currently live in, emphasising a disconnection from reality.

South African artist Aniek Nieuwenhuis will be exhibiting some of her related work as part of this exciting exhibition.

Say Say.Love says that he chose to collaborate with Nieuwenhuis because there is a special synergy between the work that they will be showcasing together. “The images that I have created for this project comes from a raw place. ‘Skin Deep’ digs into psychosomatic and fleshy layers of fear and pain. Aniek`s ability in expressing herself through deep alchemical dreaming, shines through in her art. On some unplanned level, her story, is also felt through the canvas of my creation.”

Aniek Nieuwenhuis was born in Pretoria in 1995 and raised in Stellenbosch. In March 2004 her family was caught in a fire accident involving a faulty gas cylinder at their holiday cabin in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Aniek was admitted at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital for five months with severe third-degree burns. She had a twenty percent chance for survival. In 2007 she was awarded a full academic scholarship by the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD Leadership Foundation), which enabled her to pursue a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Cape Town in 2015. Aniek uses self-representation in her photographic practice as a therapeutic way of processing childhood trauma. Her work mainly focuses on the psychological challenges that come with being physically different, and she does this through reflecting on her personal experience as a burn survivor. Over the course of her studies she was awarded the Cecil Skotnes Scholarship Prize for her exhibition Through Fire, From Ashes in 2017, as well as the Katrine Harries Print Cabinet Purchase Award and the Simon Gerson Prize for her graduate exhibition The Stories On My Skin in 2018.

The MAD Leadership Foundation supports high school learners and tertiary students through their academic and personal journeys, ensuring that they have the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their full potential. They seek to engage in the lives of young people through an investment in education and leadership, as they believe that education empowers individuals to improve their socioeconomic circumstances, and therefore not only their own lives but also that of their families, their communities and South Africa. SaySay.Love is one of the contributing artists at Silapha, an art auction with a purpose, on 9 March at the Lionel Smit Studio in Somerset West. More information about the MAD Leadership Foundation: http://madleadership.org/

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Wdym Memexhibition hosted by J and J Rewards
to Feb 7

Wdym Memexhibition hosted by J and J Rewards

Gallery One11 is excited in collaborating with What do you Meme?TM in Africa's first meme exhibition which opens February 1st in gallery.

The exhibition, ‘MemExhibition’ hosted by J AND J Rewards will feature WDYM? Meme Picture Cards on display for you to caption throughout the week.

In the ‘MEMExhibition’, What do you meme? draws in a whole different experience between fun and art.

Become your own Meme curator, You and your friends will receive caption cards from the actual game and go around pairing up the funniest combination of captions with the Photo Cards displayed throughout the gallery. What we are striving for is to ultimately get you ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing).

The ‘Memexhibition’ will surprise the gallery visitors with the interactive, creative, and a hilariously fun experience.

FREESTYLE, We will have photos up with blank spaces for you to get creative and come up with your own hilarious captions! Spot prizes will be given for the best captions!

“Launch Evening” – Thursday Feb 1st, 2019
(Buyers and VIP Invitational)
“Open Gallery and Games Room” – Feb 2nd-6th
Open to the public: competitions to be held throughout the week. Come create some Meme’s and stand a chance to win! Tables will be set up for you and your friends to play. *Games will be sold at discounted prices.
“First Thursdays” – Thursday Feb 7th, 2019
(DYI Meme Curation & Guest DJ)

So come and join as we create history by drawing inspiration from modern internet sensations such as MEMES and create (not only create the coolest game ever) Africa’s first MEMEXhibition of contemporary-interactive art.

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Under The Sea
to Jan 26

Under The Sea

Under the Sea: All things oceanic in colour, composition & motion with a conceptual hinting at the exploration of the unseen. Natural patterns, rhythmic tides, lunar patterns & random collections of still life.

We host 7 brilliant artists:
Anthony Evans
Tharien Smith
Sue Conradie
Ulric Conradie
Chad Henning 
Chloe Obermeyer
Justin Stuart

Our launch event will have a print sale with work from Catherine Holtzhausen, Tharien Smith, Gina Niederhumer, Janette Wright & Anja Weihe.

Clothing sales by Julia Bass and Theophilia Collection.

Live music & poke tattoos.

Supplied by Striped Horse.

In collaboration with Aromalogo.

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Meditative Moments
to Dec 8

Meditative Moments

The Narrative for the show using creativity and the process of art making as a form of meditation and ritual to nurture and express the spirit

Meditative art is a spiritual practice. While ordinary art is basically interested in the end product, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, this type of art is focused on the inner state of the artist.

The process of creating is given importance and the creator acts as both an artist and a witness, attentively observing the process as it takes place.

Why do I create?

What is it for?

These are important questions that any artist who creates has to ask themselves. For those who practice meditative art, these questions are a starting point in the search for meaning. Inquiring “where does a creation come from?” and “who is creating” lead to a meditative state from which real art can be realized.

Letting go of old expectations is an essential part in the preparation needed to create from a meditative state of mind. Only when we are free to create or to let creation flow through us can we actually be truthful in our art. In this sense, meditative art can be seen as part of a spiritual path, but also as the end result.

This type of artistic practice therefore brings one to the present moment. It makes the creator aware and attentive, peaceful and quiet, connecting them to their higher self or a higher power.

We can learn to connect and surrender to it as a vital source of creativity. We can learn to do so with intention, practice, and guidance. This core essence, truth, pure love, and divine beauty is real and eternal.

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Incendiary Conversations by Lioda Conrad launch
5:30 PM17:30

Incendiary Conversations by Lioda Conrad launch

INCENDIARY CONVERSATIONS by Lioda Conrad is about the conversations between art works hanging next to each other and the ignition of somewhat challenging almost confrontational conversations between ”them” and the audience. On closer inspection each individual artwork stand alone in their story, their questions and their vulnerability, invoking the viewer to further engage in incendiary conversations. All artwork make use of fumage a technique using fire to paint with smoke that is layered with mixed media.

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Vivid &Vibrant Exhibition educational talk & Networking
10:30 AM10:30

Vivid &Vibrant Exhibition educational talk & Networking

You are invited to a unique sensory experience at GalleryOne11 that will ignite your senses & shift your perceptions! An immersive art exhibition unlike non other in Cape Town
29 September 2018 
111 Loop street Cape Town
Mimosa’s & Croissants served upon arrival time to network & mingle
The impact of attainable original artwork in retail, personal in business spaces: Presenter: Marita Schneider, GalleryOne11 owner.
The importance of smell and how it can be used to enhance spaces, experiences and the feeling of familiarity creating a doorway in personal, business spaces.
Presenter: Karen Simpson, AromaLogo
12h00 - 12h30
The event will conclude with a Gin tasting compliments of Berry-Ledi & expressionist landscape painter Andrew Gibson can take question on his work. We hope to have you join us for this Networking morning. 
All RSVP’s will go into a lucky draw for a Gin-Hamper, an AromaLogo consultation and or a weekend Breakaway in the Breede Valley

Life is too short not to be Vivid & Vibrant !

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Vivid & Vibrant Show Launch
5:30 PM17:30

Vivid & Vibrant Show Launch

Life is too short not to be Vivid & Vibrant ! GalleryOne11 presents a sensory experience like no other in Cape Town, Vivid & Vibrant will we aim to ignite your senses & shift your perceptions! 
Seven accomplished artists showing vibrant expressive & abstract work that you can smell! Aromalogo that set the context of the exhibition into the sensory realm, that will bring viewers into the present, a moment of change that marks the beginning of the experience.

This will be enhanced by stunning flower displays and a delightful engagement. As usual we do thing unsal at Gallery One 11 in collaboration with AromaLogo & StalkoftheTown

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SAME SAME: Final Show
5:00 PM17:00

SAME SAME: Final Show

We end off our month long show series SAME SAME with the launch of Show 3 of 3.

SAME SAME Launch Three: 6 September 2018 The urban geographic will be explored in the last phase of the exhibition and again, shift perspectives of how we see ourselves and others within our surrounds.  To consider commonalities within diversity among us, as we all have a need for a sense of “home” and extending the feeling of ‘being home’ from within ourselves to our fellow humans. We showcase the beautiful faces of our beautiful Home. Location Photography: Patrick Hamilton
Conceptual summary:
This THREE show collaboration, aims to challenge pre-conceived often judgmental social labelling and shift perspectives. Our humanity and shared commonalties build empathy and insight to acknowledge that we are all actually SAME SAME.

Show 1 saw 4 photographers stage, portray and capture the same unknown subject to place a pre-detremined narrative bout who and what they pose this person to be.
Photographers: Hylton Boucher, Teri Rogers, Noncedo Gxekwa, Luke Kitchen

Show 2 displays 4 Portrait Painters translating these 4 photographs, displayed in show 1, into paint- again adding their own perspective of who and what the person in the photograph is about.

Painters:  Joff Carter, KateArthur, Lioda Conrad, Oda Tungodden

Event will be supplied by Striped Horse.

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SAME SAME: Show 2 of 3
5:00 PM17:00

SAME SAME: Show 2 of 3

SAME SAME launches the second show in it's 3 show series.
2/08/2018 saw the launch of a photographic portrait series where 4 photographers displayed their own portraiture, as well as all having portrayed, staged and captured the SAME unknown subject- to show how pre-determined perspectives shift from eye to eye.

Show 2: 16 August 2018 presents a different medium where participating Portrait Painters have to "render" the SameSame photographs of the unkown subject taken by our photographers, displayed in act one, in their unique style and medium to further add to their perception and interpretation of the person in the portrait. 

Show 2's opening on 16/08/2018 will also host a group ARTIST Talk/Q&A from the participating artists and photographs who have taken part in the SAME SAME series thus far.

Hylton Boucher
Teri Robberts
Luke Kitchin
Noncedo Gxekwa

Kate Arthur
Lioda Conrad
Joff Carter
Oda Tungodden

This will be a sponsored event.

We celebrate our individuality and perspective of self and others past the idea of ‘how’ our specific labels tell us to.
It is often that our focus as a society is on what separates and classify us into different categories and stereotypes, which is further compounded by social conditioning and labeling.

With SAME SAME a collaboration between a group of young and established artists, we try to shift the perspective to what our commonalities are. We propose that it is possible to celebrate our individuality and perspectives of self within a framework of humanity with similar common needs- which too, need to be respected and acknowledged. SAME SAME ignites the light to shine on our individual vulnerabilities, perspectives, stories and experiences that“if shared”, will allow us to SEE each other and acknowledge that we are all actually SAME SAME.

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SAME SAME: show 1 of 3
5:00 PM17:00

SAME SAME: show 1 of 3

GalleryOne11 launches a 3 show series titled SAME SAME. Our 02/08/2018 event launches show 1, which displays the work of 4 Portrait Photographers. All 4 Photographers have the space to display their own portraiture, alongside a group collaboration where each photographer has had to capture, stage and portray the same subject, unknown to them all personally, by placing a pre-judged perspective upon the subject about who and what the subject, is all about. We challenge these pre-determined perspectives to encourage the extension of 'feeling at home' from within ourselves to other people.

SAME SAME ignites the light to shine on our individual vulnerabilities, perspectives, stories and experiences that “if shared”, will allow us to SEE each other and acknowledge that we are all actually SAME SAME. 

The SAME SAME series will continue on 16/08/2018 and 30/08/2018- with these pre-determined perspectives being translated and portrayed through different mediums.

Our Participating Photographers include:
Hylton Boucher
Teri Robberts
Luke Kitchin
Noncedo Gxekwa

Our Opening event will be supplied by Striped Horse.

Photograph by Noncedo Gxekwa

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The Politics of Sex: a Group Exhibition
to Jun 20

The Politics of Sex: a Group Exhibition

 ‘The Politics of Sex: a Group Exhibition’

Opening First Thursdays 07 June 2018 6:00 pm at Gallery One11


Centuries of oppression and the demonization of sex and expression has caused conflict throughout global communities. Contemporary practitioners have come to aid our communities as mirrors of our time and of mass popular culture, emulating societies downfalls and disobediences; deliberated taboos and patriarchy.

 As our attitude toward sex have become inclusive rather than taboo with time, Contemporary practitioners continue to include the conversation of sex within current discourse and studio practice. Although tentative at times, the topic of sex is none the less an important one considering the widespread circulation of the female form; the human body and the regulation of pornography in mass media for example. The dialogue generated between consumer driven culture and the visual arts sector exposes how censoring the human form can be complicated and contradictory when one deliberates how mass media has infiltrated our communities and oppressive structures.

The exhibition brings to light artworks previously censored or ultimately challenge whether their practitioners’ and audiences observations are under threat from main-stream forms of conservativism.


Lizza Littlewort

Guto Bussab

Philipp Pieroth

Isabella Chydenius

Su Opperman

Toka Hlongwane

Richard Mason

Malcolm Dare




111 Loop Street, Cape Town 8001. 

Curated by Megan Theunissen. 




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Winter Group Exhibition
to May 16

Winter Group Exhibition

Join us this First Thursday 03.05.2018 at Gallery One11 for a  Group Exhibition for the Winter season.

New and known artists to our curation schedule will be featured untill 16 May.We shall also have varied prints by local contemporaries available for purchase which shall become a regulated feature at the gallery. We shall disclose further information shortly. 

Philipp Pieroth
Restone Maambo
Caelyn Robertson
Jo Rogge
Anthony Evans  

For further information on all the artists featured this monthly visit www.galleryone11.com or contact us via email. 


Curated by Megan Theunissen. 

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Trauma & Identity: a group exhibition by NJE Collective
to Apr 28

Trauma & Identity: a group exhibition by NJE Collective

'Trauma & Identity' is the latest group exhibition by the NJE Collective focusing on it's Womxn contributors and the themes inherent in their practice prompted by current realities prevailing in Namibia at a socioeconomic, political and cultural levels. 

All participating artists address contentious issues based on personal and political experiences- including cultural and gender identity; belonging; nationhood and recognition.

The members of NJE Collective are largely un-regulated and rely on their own resources and opportunities in and outside of Namibian borders. 'Trauma & Identity' features the works by 6 of it's Womxn counterparts, namely; Jo Rogge; Masiyaleti Mbewe; Tuli Mekondjo; Silke Berens; TangeniKauzuu & Hildegard Titus. 

Opening Thursday 12 April
Concludes Saturday 28 April 2018

For more information and inquries please email admin@galleryone11.com
Curator +27762130442


NJE works under their own management, towards shared aims. It is also a crucial mechanism for mentoring, support and shared resources in a peer-to-peer format. Membership is fluid and new members may be included on a project to project basis. Members meet individually and as a group to discuss their creative practice, topics of common interest and potential collaboration.

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'The Ascension' by Louis De Villiers & Felix Laband
to Apr 7

'The Ascension' by Louis De Villiers & Felix Laband

Kalashnikovv Gallery & Gallery One11 are proud to present:

"The Ascension" A dual exhibition featuring Louis de Villiers AKA Skullboy and Felix Laband.

The next installment in our gallery collaboration series takes us to Loop Street in Cape Town for a highly anticipated journey into the minds of two of the most exciting contemporary artists of today. 

Louis de Villiers (skullboy) 

A South African artist and instigator, previously working under the moniker of ‘skullboy’ between 2006 and 2017, Louis de Villiers currently lives and makes works out of New York city.


– Baang+Burne Rebrand Auction, New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 2014
– ABSA Klein Karoo Kunstefees, Karoo, SOUTH AFRICA
– I take it all back Group Show, Johannesburg
– Durbanism Group show, 8 morrison Street, Durban SOUTH AFRICA
– Looking Forward, Durban Art Gallery, Durban, 2015
– Urban A Group Show, Space Between, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
– Can’t Fool Me Group Show, Curated by Curated By Collective, Berlin GERMANY
– Yung Metamoderni$m solo exhibition, Space Between, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
– Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth, Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA
– Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth, FNB Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA

- The Scramble for Africa, Kalashnikovv Galerie, Berlin GERMANY,  2017
- The Preoccupied lives of Islands, Solo exhibition Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Felix Laband

Felix Laband is an electronic musician and visual artist born in 1977 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Well known for creating light, emotional and minimalist soundscapes, Felix has also crafted an instantly recognizable visual language in tandem with his music. Using the medium of collage to design original artworks for many of his albums, Ep's and singular releases over the last decade. 

Felix's visual art making practice resembles an ongoing critique of popular culture as seen from within the entertainment industry. Using well know South African publications on potentially banal themes such as wildlife and various histories of colonialism, each collage represents the culture clash of native African culture and "white South Africa" as seen by someone living through the end of Apartheid and the beginning of a democratic state. 


- "The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts" Group Exhibition Kalashnikovv, Johannesburg. 2017
- FNB Johannesburg Artfair, Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth, 2018
- Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Kalashnikovv Gallery Booth

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A walkabout with Restone Maambo
11:00 AM11:00

A walkabout with Restone Maambo

Gallery One11 and contemporary painter Restone Maambo invite you to an intimate walk about this Saturday morning from 11 am at 111 Loop Street.

The walkabout will run in conjunction with the Cape Town Investec Art Fair and the conclusion of Restone's solo exhibition 'Kusololwa Amumuni:To Be Led By Light' which closes Saturday 24 February . The artworks will be travelling to The Melrose Arch in Johannesburg shortly after.

Feel free to join us for breakfast snacks and mimosa's from 11 - 12.30 this Saturday. The public are welcome to meet and greet and ask questions regarding Maambo's studio practice.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1951039121827895/
Exhibition Texts: https://www.galleryone11.com/current-kusololwa-amumuni-to-…/
Catalogue: https://www.galleryone11.com/kusololwa-amumuni-to-be-led-b…/

For more information kindly contact us at admin@galleryone11.com. Admission is free of charge and open to all.

This exhibition was curated by Megan Theunissen. 

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Optimystic: a solo exhibition by Brandon Boyd
2:00 PM14:00

Optimystic: a solo exhibition by Brandon Boyd

OPTI-MYSTIC: A Pop Up Gallery by Incubus Frontman Brandon Boyd

Timed to coincide with the upcoming Incubus concerts in several cities throughout South Africa, Incubus front man & established visual artist Brandon Boyd will exhibit fine art, large scale prints, books, lithographs and a curated retail shop at his week-long ‘Opti-Mystic’ Pop Up Gallery in Cape Town.

Gallery One 11
111 Loop Street
Cape Town 8001 / +27762130442

Monday, February 26 – Saturday, March 3
Artist Reception w/ Artist in Attendance: February 26, 6pm
(Open To The Public- admission is free of charge)

Gallery viewings through March 3, 12-4 pm daily (Open To Public)

Visual Art Manager / Jen DiSisto / Art Duet / jendisisto@gmail.com
Gallery contact / Megan Theunissen / admin@galleryone11.com

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/366737617126070/

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to Feb 24

'Kusololwa Amumuni' a solo exhibition by Restone Maambo


'Kusololwa Amumuni : To Be Led By Light' is an intimate body of work by Restone Maambo, an experimental painter from Zambia exploring his ancestry and experiences with regards to traditional healing. The artist plays homage to the process of awakening, known as ‘ Kusololwa Amumuni ', a difficult but integral transition for those called to practice. 

The exhibition concludes Saturday 24 February 2018. 

Viewing Hours: 

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 16:00
Staurdays 10:00 - 13:00

Contact us: 


+27762130442 (Megan) or +27724089476 (Marita)

Curated by Megan Theunissen. 

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Summer Group Exhibition
to Jan 20

Summer Group Exhibition

Join us for  the opening  of the  second installment of scheduled group exhibitions.

Participating Artists Include:  

Gideon Appah ( Ghana / South Africa)
Greta McMahon ( South Africa)
Kilmany- Jo Liversage ( South Africa)
Leila Fanner ( United States / South Africa)
Lisa Rigby ( United Kingdom / South Africa)
Restone Maambo ( Zambia / South Africa)
Su Opperman ( South Africa)

Opening First Thursdays 7 December 2017
17:30 pm - 21:00 pm
The exhibition concludes 21 January 2018

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 16:00 pm daily
Saturdays 10:00 am - 13:00 pm or by appointment only. 

+27762130442 ( Megan ) / +27724089476 ( Marita )  
+27662069493 ( Gallery )
A: 111 Loop Street, Cape Town 8001.

E: admin@galleryone11.com 


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'The Gift of Water' a solo exhibition by Say.Say
to Dec 4

'The Gift of Water' a solo exhibition by Say.Say

SaySay.Love's journey of photography and visual reflection has culminated in the moving body of work entitled ‘THE GIFT OF WATER’. 

SaySay.Love's oeuvre ranges from commentary on the natural world to the surreal and fantastical. His compositions are vivid, pure and defined by our collective memories. SaySay draws his subjects from nature and the urban environment. 

Where: One11 Gallery, Loop Street, Cape Town
Date: 24th November – 4th December
Time: Mon – Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 1pm

SaySay.Love is inspired by the resolve and resilience of the people in Cape Town, and South Africa. For this reason, he has decided to donate all the profits from his exhibitions to support and inspire solutions for challenged communities and above all education for the youth. The first organisation that SaySay has chosen to support is Lalela (lalela.org

SaySay has challenged his audience to donate generously to the causes he is supporting in an effort to educate the public at large around water scarcity, and to mobilise solutions around water preservation and management.


The exhibition is curated by Camilla Bernal in association with Art Africa & Vivid Luxury, for more information please contact: 


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