Gallery One11 space/exhibtion collaboration and brand exposure:

GalleryOne11 Mission statement:

An accessible platform to showcase art that illuminate and generate awareness to elicit engagement and communication in the community, encouraging participation in the pursuit to better understand each other.

Why engage in collaborative marketing?

Collaborative Marketing, in a nutshell, is the process of sharing resources to increase leads, brand awareness, and influence. All the concept takes is a common purpose. When companies come together with a common audience, or goal, or a common mission or interest, they can band together in any number of ways to create an influence and a presence that is greater than the sum of its parts. Taken from Forbes online, contributed by D. K.Williams

Why collaborate with GalleryOne11?

  1. Our number one unique sales proposition is our location in the city centre 111 Loop st. The advantageous economy of scale, being surrounded by other galleries & commercial activities and visibility in a location with consistent high foot traffic. We align our calendar with what is already popular dates and take advantage of popular organised activities and events in the city centre.

  2. Often these dates are promoted by the organizations that promote these events on their social media lending organic engagement and visibility on the social media platforms ie: First Thursdays, neighbourhood Gallery launch days and “Tuning the Vines”. These events ensure more traffic as most of the patrons of these popular events comes directly past our door.

  3. The collaborative positioning and engagement factor results in exposure to a new client base and the “by-association” nature of the collaborative affords “buy-in” from new clientele and facilitate conversions.

 Audience Engagement:

Our exhibition line up are all themed and have “catchy” names eg. SAMESame, Vivid & Vibrant and each  have installations to encourage engagement in the discourse and organic social media content share.

The nature and hype created around predetermined events to encourage additional traffic into an already prime location,ensures a unique platform for product placement to engage and interact with the public not previously accessed.  

The possibility to extend database and or gain new followers in a fun and engaging manner, enable participating brands to reach new markets, specifically interested in their product or services.

GalleryOne11 aims to be an accessible platform to showcase art that illuminate and generate awareness to elicit engagement and communication in the community, encouraging participation in the pursuit to better understand each other.

Promised product or brand awareness benefits:

1.  Dedicated brand image/logo on Facebook & Instagram pre-scheduled post 3x per week for the duration of the exhibition or specified collaboration period.

2.  Daily over a two-week period “contextual” posts mentioning the collaborative brand in each social media with hashtag or handle linked to social media postings.

3.   We always have a public engagement element that adds value “entertainment” value and encourages the public to organically share, follow, comment and tag.

4.   Dedicated landing events page for the show and or event, on the GalleryOne11 website that specify the brand collaboration and positioning, plus links to the participating brands websites.

5.   Display space for branding material within the gallery entrance, bathroom and or outside of building.

6.   Mention and logo on press releases, chimp-mail database, printed material (if any) and email invitations. Database shares and social media shares, relative to the event would be mutually beneficial.

Collaborative premise of intent:

  • No competitive brands will be booked during the agreed duration of the collaboration.

  • Most of these dates will fall within an exhibition period, so it must be assumed that the brawill relate and respect the functional gallery space.

  • Complimentary partnerships that each has their own unique value proposition.  With the aim that each participant stands to benefit and that these events could translate into sales, heightened brand awareness, marketing cost savings and expanding their social media footprint at the very least.

  • All collateral and or digital imagery, to be supplied by the participants. Electronic or physical to be delivered and installed by the participant.

  • All liability during the events and or staff related are for the cost of each participant involved.

  • Collaboration partners are encouraged to put forward sponsorships and or incentives to encourage public engagement and as monitor for response to the brand or product mobilization.

  • That partners will make available staff and or sales people to participate and represent their product and or brand at the agreed dates of engagement events.

We do belief that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial and we are open to any suggestions that you might have to further the advantages of the synergy.