The Politics of Sex: Su Opperman

The Politics of Sex: a Group Exhibition at Gallery One11 commences on First Thursdays 07 June in Loop Street. The exhibition provides an introspective view in the topic of sex presented by 9 Contemporaries.Through the use of our media channels and our gallery space we hope to further disclose the intentions, thoughts and common threads (or diffientations) between each artist's submissions and observations. 

The first artist we would like to feature is Su Opperman, a new contemporary local to Cape Town with extensive experience in comic and illustrative work as well as newly developed large scaled paintings. 

' The Mystic Hoer was created to represent my most bestial, instinctive self. It's interesting when it comes to female sexuality, liberation in subversive comics is often expressed through blatant sexualisation and exposure of the female form. Probably due to years of repression and the still pervading expectations of how woman should behave in society. The character of the Mystic Hoer originated out of an experience of misogyny. Later she came to express misogyny in gay culture in particular, which has a brand of pervasiveness all its own, and lastly she looks at what its like to be a woman with a sex drive.' 

How do you feel sexuality can be better approached in Creative sectors and how do you feel the public view or i.e advertising sectors currently approaches such conversations?

As always, in advertising sex sells, and pop culture is rarely a space for nuance. Sex has, however, become less of a taboo subject, but I find all the conversations extremely PC. Except from the fascistic tendencies of the left, where satire has died, and as an artist, if you draw this, or if you draw that, you're either a homophobe or a racist, etc. I suppose sex as subject matter will always have a dual nature of being either a point of contestation or a  titillation. Which, from an artist's perspective is a great space to play in, so, society should become less precious and if you dont like it, then just don't look at it.' 

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The Politics of Sex Event:

The exhibition will be open to the public and will share content of a sensitive nature; we will not be permitting persons under the age of 18 to enter the gallery and we ask that all enquiries may be submitted to the gallery via email.  

A preview of ' Die Mystic Hoer'  by Su Opperman. Framed analogue illustration, 2018. 

A preview of 'Die Mystic Hoer' by Su Opperman. Framed analogue illustration, 2018.