Anthony Evans (South Africa)

Anthony is a Cape Town based artist, whose career was forged in Johannesburg and developed further in Europe. His work is both exploratory and conceptual, but often sculptural and quite technical. The cohesive substance of his work is existential philosophy. 

Succinctly put, the series “Moment” examines the exact instant of change, of transformation from one state to another. In truth this really is an act in futility, because the snapshot of transition that the artwork portrays is in reality a state-of-being in it's own right, therefore undermining the attempt at pinpointing the actual transitioning. The truest expression of that change is actually represented by the empty space in the image, the reason why many of the artworks have vast areas of canvas left white, where the theme became around the interaction between substance and the void. There is a very important reason for this – Anthony realised that the actual moment of change, the very 'changing' itself, is no more than the dissolution from one state-of-being making space for a new manifestation of being. In other words there is no change, there are merely separate states of being intersected by spaces of emptiness, void. It's a change from something giving way to 0, and then 0 giving way to something else. (Bifurication Theory explores this thinking.)

This heralds an explosion of new questions and philosophies around reality, time and space. The top most, for Anthony, being that reality may well be a series of individual snapshots, all autonomous and self-relevant, but when perceived through the linearity of time become the apparent film of the flowing of life through infinite transitions. That is to say reality does not exist, rather, it's the perception of reality which is real. It's not what you see, it's that you see.